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Teen Driver Safety – GPS Trackers

Being a parent of a teenager certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Parents have a right to be concerned about their teenage children’s safety because of the dangers that await them out in the world such as when they are behind the wheel. According to statistics, the leading cause of deaths between the ages of 16-19 is motor vehicle accidents. For this reason alone, parents can’t help but worry whenever a teenager gets his or her driver licence. This issue is so widespread the entire month of January is dedicated to national awareness about teen driving.

Parents have to take all the necessary steps to protect their teenagers and inform them about the dangers of traffic rigorously. But teenagers usually have an immortality complex and a daring attitude and they always think “That won’t happen to me”, “I won’t get caught”. This is a very common thought process among the teens and because of that, they are more prone to be involved in accidents.

Instead of worrying and doing nothing, most parents embraced the technological advancements of today’s world and invested in GPS tracking solutions. Vehicle tracking devices are the tailor-made solution for the parents. They allow parents to monitor the location of their children’s vehicle in real-time, check vital information such as speed, acceleration, harsh braking. Parents can take the necessary precautions by using this data or simply warn their children.

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Why Should You Invest In a GPS Tracking Device?

A GPS tracking device is the easiest way to guarantee the safety of your teenage driver without having to worry when you hand over your car keys to them.

Teenagers pretend to know everything and they are less inclined to follow rules or advice especially when it comes to driving. Driving is an easy task for them; they want a certain amount of freedom at that time of their life and having a car to drive around provides it to them. They want to engage in activities with their friends and feel independent. As a parent, it is only natural to feel worried about their safety and this is where the GPS tracking solutions come in.

By installing a GPS tracking device and informing your teenagers that you will be watching them, they will be more careful and inclined to follow the rules. This will help parents keep them more in control and they will be less likely to speed or wander off from the perimeters you set.

There are certain features parents can utilise in order to keep their teenagers safe such as geo-fence zones, driver identification and immobilisation.

By using the cloud-based tracking software, parents can set predetermined areas called geo-fence zones to receive an e-mail or a text message when their vehicles enter or leave these zones. These areas can vary from anywhere from around your house to a friend’s house your teenager is planning to visit.

Driver identification is another feature parents can use to make sure your teenager is driving the vehicle and not a random friend who wants to take your vehicle for a spin. They might endanger the life of your teenager by reckless driving and you can get ahead of the problem by driver identification.

Cloud-based tracking software records essential driving data such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh turning and acceleration. You can analyse this data to improve your teenager’s driving style and warn them about the mistakes they make on the road.

There are many other features parents can benefit from by simply investing in a vehicle tracking system such as;

  • Aggressive driving reports
  • Maintenance reminders for your vehicle
  • Reports about the mileage
  • Reports about the use of fuel
  • Updates about the weather forecast
  • Hands-free communication
  • Traffic alerts

Of course, teenagers won’t be comfortable with the idea of being tracked and some of them might even think you don’t trust them. But if you convince them that GPS tracking device is there for their safety and their well-being, they will be more inclined to follow the rules in the traffic and operate within the perimeters you set for them. Their teenager’s safety is any parent’s first and foremost concern and installing a GPS tracking system is a small investment to ensure their safety. Teen motor vehicle accidents are preventable, all you need is a GPS tracking device and carefully monitoring your teenager’s actions on the road.

Teen Driver Safety - GPS Trackers
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Teen Driver Safety - GPS Trackers
GPS Tracking devices have a lot of functions that would be helpful for parents to hold their teen drivers accountable and keep them safe.
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