Considering the fact that the world is progressing so fast and time is running quicker than ever before, the current need is to cope up with these progressing changes. In every field being hasty has become a demand. In the marketing world, customers expect quick services, updates of shipment, smart access to track the consignment, fast delivery and all time availability, no matter what size your fleet is to manage all this effectively is a challenge. But global positioning system (GPS) has made it possible to stay ahead of this game. The management tools are a blessing for every fleet owner with which he can take control of the entire fleet at one time. The features of this Fleet GPS Tracking tools are beneficial for the business progress as well as for making services promising for the customers.

How do GPS tracking devices work?

Initially tracking devices receive the signals sent by GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. A method known at trilateration is used to calculate the precise location of the vehicle or asset. Tracking devices need to pick up signals from at least 4 satellites to calculate the location accurately. In order to calculate the position, travel speed and the direction of travel; the GPS tracking device compares the locations of each satellite and your distance from them. By repeating this process over and over, the device provides the precise location data via cloud-based tracking platform. GPS tracking systems are extremely precise and have a margin error of down to 1 metre.

You can install tracking devices to their assets and vehicles. You can also use them to track your children and senior citizens. Fleet management businesses, scientific exploration and experimentation, horse racing industry, law enforcement, entertainment sector and consumers of all kinds can benefit from real-time data delivery feature.


Fields of Use for GPS tracking devices

For drivers, GPS has become the easiest way to navigate, help them find the shortest and less crowded routes. By utilising GPS navigation devices, you can reach your destination faster, avoid traffic and save on fuel at the same time.

Fleet businesses use GPS-based fleet tracking solutions to manage their operation. Vital data such as fuel usage, excessive idling, monitoring driver behaviour and unauthorised personnel use can be accessed by GPS tracking platforms via using a computer of a smartphone.

Companies with sales teams can also benefit from GPS tracking systems by setting predetermined zones for their sales teams. Fleet managers can assign alerts in case of a breach in the designated zones so the teams stay in the zones that are assigned to them and thus increase productivity. Also, a manager with access to a cloud-based tracking platform can send sales personnel to a customer in need by tracking them in real-time and improve sales and customer satisfaction in the process.

Safety while boating is very important. Weather reports, satellite phone communications and depth reading technology all made possible by GPS devices. They help keep you safe on your adventures and keep you updated on weather conditions.

Searching for a hospital or a bank is made easy with the GPS function on mobile devices. Combining the Internet with the GPS technology allows smartphone users to locate places they are unfamiliar with.

Global Positioning Systems changed our lives in many ways and had a huge impact on every aspect. The technology is now being used in almost every industry. In the future, GPS will continue to expand and improve. With the GPS III block, the precision and accuracy of tracking devices will increase even further. GPS tracking solutions will continue to change our lives in the future for the better and improve our quality of life.

The real-time location tracking is one of the vitals of GPS Trackers. The employer can take a clear account of the vehicle by locating its route over the system. This, on one hand, makes the delivery to the customer quicker and on the other hand, it enables the search for the shorter routes to the destination possible. Less fuel consumption, time-saving, better mileage of the vehicle and customer’s trust in services is achieved making the business run in an effective yet economical way. GPS Fleet Tracking helps the employer to track how fast is their employee driving and for how long they take a pause while driving.

Vehicle GPS Tracker service provides a customer friendly service at its best. It instantly provides the information that which of your employee is closest to the respective client and hence the efficacy of the service increases by folds. It will prove to be a plus on behalf of the company since customers will be elated with the proficiency. GPS also manages the security of the field assets. The fleet vehicles on the site can’t always be monitored by someone, therefore GPS ensures the safety and management of the vehicles at the site without requiring physical presence. Along with this, GPS eliminates the need of your truckers to carry out the paperwork for record and security purposes. Since the whole system is computational and records are managed with the Data Analysis Tool, therefore no need to set files up.

Moreover, the calculation tool of the GPS tracker manages all the income and profit made by the employer. A thorough record of the investment made, the amount spent on the maintenance of the vehicles, per gallon of fuel used, monthly wages of the employees and the profit made after all these expenses are all recorded by GPS Calculator tool. Hence this gives an entirely new shape to the business world out there. The management has become a lot easier with the single software usage that regulates the tracking of the fleet trucks convenient thus making the empowerment of the employer over the business staunch and firm. Most of the companies provide an insurance discount up to 40% on the vehicles that are regulated by the GPS Tracking devices.

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