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Uses of Body Worn Cameras

High-Quality Audio/Video Recording

The main function of body-worn cameras is to provide an audio and visual record of the events from the officer’s perspective as they go about doing their job. The high-resolution body-worn camera footage provides a crystal clear view of the individuals and helps police forces identify criminals with facial recognition software. The microphone onboard the camera is also hi-tech and it is capable of recording the background noise (conversation of bystanders) in addition to the sound of the targeted situation which may come in handy during investigations.

Take Tracking and Monitoring to the Next Level

The body-worn camera recorders are becoming increasingly popular in the law enforcement agencies in the last few years because of the role they play in reducing the number of complaints and altercations police officers experience drastically. Body-worn cameras are really helpful in gathering evidence and protecting the officers against false allegations of misconduct.  Body-cams not only enhance the accountability of the officers but also increase professionalism throughout the force.

Body-Worn Camera Footage

Meta Data Generation

Body-worn cameras help police forces and security agencies to generate metadata. Metadata includes personal and transactional information of the user, device and the activities taking place. Metadata also includes information related to date, time, duration and location of the recorded activities which can help the authorities during a thorough investigation of a matter.

The Benefits of Body-worn Cameras
The outcome of the body-worn camera usage on officers and security guards has been groundbreaking. The number of public complaints against the officers has decreased significantly alongside the use of excessive  force by the officers. Large amounts of data can be recorded and stored for criminal investigations which can also be used for training purposes. Due to the successful results of the trial phases for body-worn camera systems, law enforcement and security systems are on the verge of a big transformation that will adopt body-worn camera systems on a larger scale.

RX-3 Pro v2 Body Worn Camera

The Drawbacks of Body-worn Cameras

Using a body-cam in the line of duty has a few disadvantages with the biggest being the loss of public privacy. Recording the conversations and actions of individuals with a body-cam without their consent can be seen as invasive sometimes. The body-worn camera technology is still new and the full spectrum of its benefits and drawbacks are yet to be discovered. All law enforcement officers should be equipped with this advanced technology to do their job properly.

All in all, body-worn cameras are a revolutionary development for security businesses and law enforcement agencies all over the world. This state-of-the-art technology help tracking, recording and monitoring not only the targeted activities but also the officers which will bring about more benefits for the overall society.

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Uses of Body Worn Cameras
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Uses of Body Worn Cameras
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