A number of reasons could make you want to install CCTV cameras in your car. Could be that you are a proactive parent who wants to find out what their teenage child gets up to whenever they are behind the wheel. For the record that is not intrusion; it is concern. 

On a serious note, there are scores of happenings that have you wishing you had recorded the moment. For instance, you, in you sober mind, could be driving down the road, minding your roadside manners, and obeying all the rules when smacking out of nowhere comes this drunk driver who gives you a good smash then goes off. Amidst the confusion, you could have failed to catch their registration numbers, and the CCTV cameras at that part of the road could have taken a break. What to do?   

Vandalism is a major concern for thousands of motorists. In the UK alone, there were 37,516 vehicle crimes in October 2016. That is too high a number for one month. Among those incidences, car vandalism reigned supreme. While some motorists eventually get their compensation for those crimes, the cases take an extensive amount of time, which would be cut by half if they would present evidence. 

Fleet vehicles are another area of concern. Naturally, these cars are not driven by their owners. There is a tendency of some drivers to act recklessly when driving and even disobey traffic rules that would eventually cause the owner huge sums of money in traffic penalties. 

Crash For Cash
That aside, there has been a rising trend of intentional crashes against fleet vehicles. In some incidences, these unfortunate plans have been hatched with the cooperation of fleet drivers (rarely, though) where they would conspire with reckless drivers to feign a crash. 

Other cases have happened without the drivers’ knowledge, their only fault being that they were driving vehicles bearing company logos, which was almost guaranteed to be insured. Naturally, a fleet driver will put up a fight, defending his driving, but not as passionately as the owner of the car. When it looks as though they were at fault, they may decide to concede to lay the matter to rest, and let the insurance company take care of it. 

As these ‘crash for cash’ incidences rise, insurance companies have become a vigilante. According to Insurance Fraud Bureau, these planned ‘accidents’ cause insurance companies $340 million per year. As a way to nip them in the bud, insurance companies are urging their clients to install CCTV cameras so that every reported crash is recorded. 

How CCTV Surveillance Can Help
Your CCTV DVR recorder will capture all the moments in front of you, without arousing the interest of the person behind the wheel or on the road. In the case of crashes, you will have a full record of what happened to provide to your insurance company or the police.
Bottom Line
It will also come in handy in fleet management, seeing that you will have the upper hand in whatever will be happening within your company cars. A 360-degree view is possible using vehicle CCTV camera to capture moments from all angles. Organisations, as well as governments, are taking this initiative seriously and taking costly steps towards curbing these nuisances. In due time, vandalism and ‘crashes for cash’ will be a thing of the past. 
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