Security Office Wearing a Body-worn Camera

Bodyworn Camera Implications

Body-Worn Camera Usage Is Growing But What Are The Implications? The popularity of body-worn camera is increasing over the years and the device is commonly used by the police officers to record altercations. With these cameras, it is really easy to gather video evidence which results in reducing the number [...]

Rewire Security - Podsystem M2M

Rewire Security & Podsystem M2M

As the world becomes more connected, consistent Global GPS Tracking is becoming a necessity for proper monitoring. Here to provide just that is Rewire Security’s latest partnership.     Rewire Security And PodsystemM2M Announce Deal to Bring Powerful GPS Tracking Worldwide   September 23, 2016 – In connection-based services, such as transportation and freight [...]

Security Guard Wearing a Body-Worn Camera

Implementing Body Worn Cameras

Many private hospitals, educational institutions, and law enforcement agencies are implementing body-worn cameras nowadays. But not all new technology is going to be useful for law enforcement, so agencies must do plenty of research on efficient guidelines and use prior to implementing new equipment and or computer software. But it is obvious [...]

Body-Worn CCTV Camera

Body Worn Camera: Security Industry

One of the latest articles published by the Oxford Mail explains how the use of body-worn cameras by Oxford University Medical Centers Security Officers improved the overall security of their facilities. As continues to be the situation in the previously stated articles or reviews and businesses, the key inspiration for utilizing the body-worn CCTV is [...]

RX-3 Pro v2 Body Worn Camera

A Look at Body Worn Cameras

As far as the security agencies are concerned, the use of body-worn cameras has been a revolutionary development for the security industry and have been increasing rapidly all over the globe. This is one of the many reasons why the policymakers, as well as the national leaders, put a specific emphasis on the body-worn camera [...]

RX-2s Body-Worn Camera

Uses of Body Worn Cameras

High-Quality Audio/Video Recording The main function of body-worn cameras is to provide an audio and visual record of the events from the officer’s perspective as they go about doing their job. The high-resolution body-worn camera footage provides a crystal clear view of the individuals and helps police forces identify criminals with [...]