AHD (Analogue High Definition) CCTV

AHD is the new standard for CCTV surveillance equipment which was released in 2015. The new AHD format allows much greater resolutions when compared with previous technology. AHD CCTV Cameras provide security to offices, organisations, companies all around the world.

The cameras supplied with this kit are 720p AHD and approximately equivalent to a 1000TVL analogue camera. The upper limits of AHD have yet to be fully revealed, but for now up to 1080p is a significant improvement over the original analogue format.

CCTV for vehicles has been a recent trend. Most of the business in the UK use them to provide extra security to their drivers, as well as their clients.

Many stores use a combination of security personnel and a CCTV system to combat shoplifting. Smaller businesses, with smaller budgets for security, may have only one CCTV camera installed in a prominent place so that shoppers know they are being watched. A retailer can review the tapes on a VCR later, or observe shoppers that are behaving suspiciously and note the vulnerable areas in the store. The problem with recording and watching later is that some shoplifters will get away with stealing. On the other hand, the system still has merit because it allows for the recognition of repeated offenders. 

CCTV technology is extremely stable and prices are very affordable. AHD seems to address the main issues that held back the other HD security camera types from taking over the analogue CCTV market. Installers can use the same coax cable as traditional analogue CCTV cameras and they work at the same max distance. Video baluns for AHD cameras are available for those that prefer to use UTP cable such as CAT5. Pricing on AHD cameras is only slightly more than analogue. 

Rewire Security offers top-quality, advanced CCTV AHD Cameras for business and homes, vehicles, and for personal use. Our CCTV Cameras provide high-definition 720p and 1080p resolution depending on the model. Body Worn CCTV Cameras can be attached or carried by your security personals to provide a video proof in case of any situation.

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