Vehicle DVR Recorder Rewire Security
Rewire Security offers CCTV systems for vehicles including; Standard and AHD CCTV Cameras, DVR Recorders and Accessories Vehicle CCTV cameras are proving their worth, providing individuals and businesses HD video evidence in conflicts. Many fleets are opting to vehicle cameras to prevent equipment theft. Vehicle CCTV cameras provide HD video surveillance and they are designed for use in transport and commercial vehicle industries. Vehicle cameras can be fit on taxis, buses, vans and trucks.

Vandalism, false insurance claims, vehicle theft and crime are major concerns for thousands of motorists in the UK. Your CCTV DVR recorder will capture all the moments in front of you, without arousing the interest of the person behind the wheel or on the road. Using CCTV video surveillance as evidence protects you from theft and vandalism caused by both others, and your staff. In addition, recorded video footage proves to be useful for protecting your vehicles and drivers against crime and false accusations. Spoken words fly away, written words remain, so does videos.

Vehicle CCTV Camera Rewire Security
Rewire Security's CCTV cameras and DVR recorders can be configured to capture all angles and vehicle blind spots resulting in 360-degree view in or outside your vehicle. Recorded videos can be viewed on a portable monitor or on a PC at your office. Whether you operate a taxi, commercial lorry or truck, CCTV Cameras improve the safety of your vehicle and allows you to monitor each camera individually or collectively. Providing video evidence in the event of an accident or crime.