As far as the security agencies are concerned, the use of body-worn cameras has been increasing rapidly. This is what has urged the policy makers as well as the national leaders to put a specific emphasis on the body worn video programs and that investments that it gets. Although the adoption of body worn cameras has only been recent, the outcome that it has shown so far is exceptional.With the utilisation of body worn cameras, the law enforcement agencies throughout different states have been reporting a significant decline in the number of complaints being made. Perhaps the most important single piece of data was that more than 85 percent of respondents believe that Security Guard Cameras reduce false claims of misconduct, and reduce the likelihood of litigation against the agencies.

In order to give you a better idea, the reduction in the complaints in terms of percentage of different states has been mentioned below:

·         Rialto 87%

·         Birmingham 70%

·         Orlando 65%

·         San Diego 41%

·         Mesa 40%

·         London 33%

Body Worn Security Guard Camera Statistics

The following statistics regarding the response of citizens about the utilisation of body worn cameras is destined to give you an even better idea:

·         At least 97% of the citizens support the use of the body-worn cameras

·         86% of the citizens hold an opinion that security service can be improved significantly with the utilisation of the body-worn cameras

·         75% of the citizens would prefer that they are being informed before the recording starts

·         Sensitive investigations should make use of the body-worn cameras in order to record is an opinion that is held by at least 72% of the citizens

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that the utilisation of the body worn cameras is destined to improve the services which are being provided by the security agencies.

There is no question regarding the outcome that body worn cameras can produce security agencies. Not only does it make the services more efficient, but convenient as well. Considering how the equipment does not require a huge amount of investment either, it is such a waste to breach over the potential benefits that the utilisation of body worn cameras may have to offer.

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