Vehicle Tow Alert

GPS Tracking: Tow Alerts

Exactly What is a Gps Tracking System Tow Alert?  

A tow alert is a precautionary SMS message or an email that immediately informs the user that their car is being pulled. Normally, the owner of the car is not warned for an extended period of time after it is towed. This allows the car impounds to bill car owners for additional costs, which can lead them to pay for additional daily storage fees as well. A tow alert informs a vehicle owner when their vehicle has been towed. This service comes with Rewire Security’s GPS Tracker devices along with event alerts, route history and a backup battery.

Multiple Tow Alerts

Vehicle tracking devices are armed with ignition and motion sensors that can detect if the vehicle is moving or the engine is on. If the motion sensors detect a movement when the engine is off, it means your car is being towed. Getting this alert from your car tracking system gives you a chance to check out if your car is actually being towed and locate the vehicle. It could actually be towed or just stopped working but GPSLive will alert vehicle owners every step of the way to determine what happened to their car.

Fleet businesses can concentrate on revenue by adopting a vehicle tracking system and GPSLive tracking software. Companies need a reliable GPS tracking solution that provides precautionary alerts. GPSLive Tracking platform is easy to use and you can have multiple customers with various security levels. Decrease bypass traces, reduce repo’s, improve on-time payments. Let Rewire Security show you the benefits of car tracking systems!

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