Head Cameras

Head Cameras

Wearable body worn cameras can be a valuable tool for Law enforcement agencies, Lone workers, SIA Door supervisors, Security personnel or anyone who is working in an environment with an increased risk of work related incidents, anti-social behaviour or false accusations.

In addition to their evidential use, our body worn cameras also act as an excellent deterrent - improving the behavoiour of individuals who may otherwise partake in anti-social acts, knowing their actions are being recorded on video footage.

Body-worn cameras are becoming a must have tool as the public demands more transparency from their law enforcement agencies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless.

Headcam type Body worn systems typically include a Main DVR recorder unit and a camera lens with a microphone. The advantage of a head-worn camera is that it will record everything the user is looking at, while chest or shoulder cameras will only record a specific angle. e.g. in front of the user.

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