Internet of Things - Custom Solutions

Internet of Things - Custom IoT Solutions

-Do you have a machine you want to collect data or a fleet of vehicles that you want to control over the Internet?

Almost anything can be smartly connected to the cloud via wireless and GSM connection and automated via inputs and outputs. We have experience with over 100 customized IoT solutions. Over 80,000 vehicles, smartphones, buildings, and customized solutions throughout the UK and Europe are connected using Rewire Security’s IoT and Telematics solutions. We do not only provide the hardware for IoT systems but we also develop customized software and mobile applications as well to make sure our customers’ devices stay connected 24/7. From telematics devices and mobile apps to enterprise web applications, we are equipped to support our customers with custom IoT software development.

Vehicle Solutions

Manage your fleet's driver logs, vehicle status, driver behavior and the trip journey over the internet.

Automation Solutions

Automate almost any process in machinery using sensors, input&outputs, and controllers.

Connected Systems

Smart, cloud-based systems are connected with each other over the internet and easier to manage.

Smart Software

User-friendly dashboard for managing connected devices in real-time using a PC or a mobile device.

24/7 Real-time Monitoring

IoT Devices present a perfect monitoring solution for wide use in cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators, food delivery trucks, and other temperature sensitive cases. Through the use of Bluetooth BLE temperature and humidity sensors, users are able to get the necessary data from a long distance. Using smart and precise sensors, temperature and humidity information of the surrounding environment can be gathered using an IoT device and then transferred to the cloud which gives the possibility to display the information to the user at any time via a custom dashboard on a PC, tablet or a smartphone. This process allows business owners to monitor the condition of their delivery trucks, containers or machines 24/7, anywhere in the world. 

internet of things software dashboard

Internet of Things is a worldwide-recognized trend that is gaining popularity incredibly fast and it is the key driver of the digital transformation era that will enable everyday objects, vehicles, physical systems in factories and commercial buildings to communicate with each other. IoT devices allow people and smart systems to share a huge amount of data gathered via smart devices, temperature, and humidity sensors and these systems process unlimited opportunities in the way of we operate in the business world. Portable telematics devices give us a chance to monitor vehicle health, fleet management, traffic routing or supply chain management. The results of implementing all of these IoT components presents us the new perspectives where traffic, work, and personal lives will be more and more connected and controlled over the internet.

iot mobile app

Device & Process Automation

Automation can be simplified as programming machines on what to do when they encounter certain scenarios. We integrate legacy systems with connected devices, sensors, and smart routers to add real-time data processing capabilities and we develop IoT platforms that are able to support thousands of data transactions per second, in a secure environment. We provide our clients with an intuitive user dashboard and human-to-machine interface to allow managers to access mission-critical data for device monitoring, remote control, automation, and alerts. Management of devices and machines over the cloud allows processes to be automated in conditional scenarios, such as an unexpected error or malfunction in the production line.

With the adoption of the IoT widely around the globe, all connected and automated devices will create a rich environment that is expected to generate a stream of data that will help to increase business performance. Rewire Security is determined to assist businesses with developing their cloud software, automation, data gathering, and implementation processes as they begin their IoT journey. We provide customized package services that include implementation ideas, prototyping, product solutions, software and commercial-scale up services so we help you iterate on a simple scale, test and refine the main features, and maximize control of your systems. Not only we guide our clients in the right direction for choosing the right devices, but we also make sure your project is scalable and ensure it stays live on the mobile, and web platforms.

Analog & Digital - Inputs & Outputs

In electronic applications, through the use of different types of analog and digital inputs such as RS232 and RS485, temperature, humidity, pressure, logic and voltage sensors, the condition of almost any device or machine can be acquired. Once these devices are connected to the cloud, through the use of analog and digital outputs these smart devices can be controlled over the internet with the use of a PC or a mobile device! We provide our customers with a list of compatible devices with the right inputs and outputs to make sure they will be able to acquire any information from any vehicle or machine. No matter what your business requires, we will find the solution that best fits your businesses needs to capture data and store it for further use. 

internet of things - input and outputs

Modern IoT devices are smart and connected but they still depend on comprehensive and robust software, which allows the business owner and managers to view and control machines, IoT devices and enterprise systems anywhere, at any scale. IoT systems capture and store any data at any velocity and volume for insights into processes and for improving productivity while lowering labor work. But, data does not bring any value to your business if it's not processed properly, structured and presented in an easy to understand interface. That's why we develop IoT software while focusing on visualization of data in an appealing and easy to understand dashboard UI. At Rewire Security, we develop web software and mobile applications and build them on the cloud to assist our customers with; setting up and managing devices, keeping a close eye on processes, exploring the data provided by devices and automating different processes related with separate machines located in distant locations.