RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera

RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera

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RX-2s v2 Body Worn CCTV Camera

RX-2s v2 offers some of the latest advancements in body worn CCTV video camera technology integrated into a simple and functional design. the RX-2s v2 from Rewire Security will quickly become your second pair of eyes while working on the frontline. RX-2s’ features include; night vision, full HD video and audio recording, rear facing screen and a long list of useful functions to make it easier to record what’s happening in front of you without losing the attention of the actual event. RX-2s is one of the lightest yet affordable body-worn cameras for security, surveillance and conflict management, it’s ideal for security guards and officers.

Rx-2s v2 Body Worn Camera

Rx-2s Body Worn Camera

HD Recording (1080p / 720p)

The RX-2s v2 has a high-quality lens and allows 1080p / 720p high definition video recording with audio as well as capturing still images or just the audio. The RX2s has a 32GB internal memory for storing the footage and the internal battery of the RX-2s is powerful and it can be recharged in just 2 hours. The RX-2s records and stores 720p HD footage for up to 6-8 hours and it has the flexibility to be used in many situations such as interviews, static security locations and vehicles. One-touch buttons on the sides of the body camera allow quick access to the video recording and preview features of the RX-2s.

Rx-2s Body Worn Camera

140° Wide Angle View

RX-2s features a laser pointer, allowing the user to position and point it where they want to record. The camera has a high quality 140° wide angle lens that allows a wider line of view to make sure everything in front of the user is captured on the video. The lens on the unit is low lux and ideal for working in poor lighting conditions. The camera is equipped with a high-quality lens for ensuring the quality of the footage. The footage from RX-2s is admissible throughout the judicial chain and records show that public behaviour improves along with a reduction in complaints if an officer is equipped with a body-worn video camera.

Field of view of Rx-2s

Rx-2s clip

Robust & Weatherproof Design

Point the camera exactly where you want, to catch the action. The RX-2s also offers one-button photo and video recording, making it simpler to activate in emergency situations. The battery life on the RX-2s BWC lasts an entire shift (6-8 hours) without recharging and provides 2.5 hours of continuous non-stop recording. Independent studies have shown that the use of body worn cameras can reduce incidents and risk by over 50%. The RX-2s delivers easy data synchronisation with a PC using USB 2.0 port and it’s ideal for mass storage download. With the press of a few buttons, files can be tagged for marking the important recordings as they happen.

Rx-2s clip

Klickfast Compatible

The RX-2s can be fitted with the industry standard Peter Jones Klickfast type mounting system and it can be used with several models of garments or external docks and clips that can be attached to your clothing which allows adjusting Point of View (POV) while recording footage. A variety of belt clips, docks, mounts and secondary external cameras can be attached to the RX-2s allowing the user to choose the most comfortable configuration for carrying the camera. Klickfast full range of accessories from studs, harnesses to mounts are also available from our store.

Klickfast Dock Clip

Key Features

HD Recording

1296p/1080p/720p high definition video recording with audio.

Snap Shots

Capture still images with one click with a configurable multi-shot mode.

Voice Recorder

High quality audio only recording option.

Built-In Night Vision

Automatic Infrared night vision for low light conditions.

Wide Angle Lens

140-degree wide angle lens for wider recording angle.

Long Battery Life

Up to 6 hour’s battery life between charges.

Klick Fast Ready

Industry standard Peter Jones Klick Fast ready out the box for easy mounting.

Motion Record

Start recording automatically on movement detection.

Time & Date Stamp

All recorded files are watermarked with a time and date stamp.
Recording Quality 1296P, 1080P, 720P, 480P
Still Image Capture Yes JPEG (1.3,2,3,5,8,10,12,21,34 mega pixel)
Audio Recording Yes (Audio with video and Audio Only)
Built-In Screen Yes (2 inch diagonal)
Lens Wide Angle 140 degrees
Casing ABS IP54 rated
Memory 32GB Built-in memory
Recording Time 480P 13-14hrs, 720P 8-9hrs, 1080P 5-6hrs, 1296P 3-4hrs
Video Playback Yes (Video and Audio)
Battery & Stand By Time 3.7v 2600mAh Li-ion, 480P 7-9hrs, 720P 6-8hrs, 1080P 3-5hrs, 1296P 3-4hrs
Charge Time 4-5 hours
Connectivity USB2.0 (Data Download & Charging)
Dimensions 82mm x 60mm x 28mm
Weight 115g
Other Features Audio Feedback, Snap Shot Bursts, Audio Only Recording, Post Record

Record Indicator, Custom Camera ID, Expandable Memory


  • HD Recording- 1296p/1080p/720p high definition video recording with audio.
  • Snap Shots- Capture still images with one click with a configurable multi-shot mode.
  • Voice Recorder- Audio only recording option.
  • Built-In Night Vision- Automatic Infrared night vision for low light conditions.
  • Wide Angle Lens- 140-degree wide angle lens.
  • Built-In LCD- 2in screen for live video and video playback.
  • Long Battery Life- Up to 6 hour’s battery life between charges.
  • 32GB Memory- Built-in 32gb memory.
  • Klick Fast Ready- Industry standard Peter Jones Klick Fast ready out the box for easy mounting.
  • Mount- Car mount and charger included
  • Motion Record- Record on movement
  • Time & Date Stamp- Embedded time and date stamp to each recorded file.
  • Camera ID– Set a unique camera/user ID that is watermarked into all recorded files.
  • Smart Dock- Simple drop-in charging and syncing dock.
  • Laser Pointer- Aids user to align the position of the camera easily.
  • LED Torch- Built-In flashlight for extra illumination in low light conditions.
  • File Tagging- Mark important recordings as they happen at a press of a button
  • Easy USB DATA Transfer- Simple data download to a PC via USB for media archiving and deleting.
  • Weather Proof- The RX2s is IP54 weatherproof rated making it ideal for use no matter the weather.
  • Upgraded Battery- Latest 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Warning Signs- Clear labelling for CCTV video and audio recording on the camera.

Additional Features

  • Version 2 model
  • Laser alignment tool
  • HD Video with audio
  • Snap shots
  • Audio only recording
  • LED flashlight
  • Car mount & charger included
  • Pocket mounting clips
  • KlickFast mounting ready
  • USB charging and syncing dock

In The Box

  • 1x RX2s V2 (32GB)
  • 1x Charging Dock
  • 1x Mini USB Cable
  • 1x USB Charging Plug (UK)
  • 1x 12V Car Charging Leading
  • 1x KlickFast Camera Mount
  • 1x DOCK08 KlickFast garment dock
  • 1x Pocket Clip (small)
  • 1x Pocket Clip (long)


Rx-2s BWC


Rx-3 Lite BWC


Rx-3 Pro BWC


Built-in Screen
GPS Logging
Password Protection
Klickfast Mounting
Spring Loaded Mount
Charging Dock
Multi-way Charging Dock
Data Management Dock
Night Vision
Led Illumination
Battery Life Up to 10 hours Up to 11 hours Up to 11 hours
Recording Time Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours
Memory 32gb 32gb 32gb

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Good camera at a affordable price. Not used properly yet but it was easy setup, Good usefull functions and the test shots i recorded seemed high quality. I would definitely recommend this to others.

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