RX-5 V2 Body Worn CCTV Camera

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RX-5 V2 Body Worn CCTV Camera

Introducing the RX5-v2, the latest evolution in the Rewire Security body camera range. This camera has truly been designed with flexibility in mind, boasting many functions and features not found on any other body camera currently on the market. Access to the cameras menus, recorded media and data download is fully password protected giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive data can not be accessed by unauthorised personnel. These features make the RX5-v2 an ideal solution for individual private users, professional security personnel, lone workers as well as many other front-line working situations where a portable video and audio recording solution is required.

180° Wide Angle Lens

Ultra wide 180° angle lens that makes sure everything in front of the camera is captured and nothing is missed. Simultaneous audio and video recording with the latest H.264 video compression technology that takes 50% less space meaning you can record in a higher quality for longer. Choose between 5 different High-Definition video recording resolutions including 720p, 1080p and 2k, as well as still image Snap-Shots at a press of a button. Independent studies have shown that the use of body-worn cameras can reduce incidents and defuse stand-offs before they escalate. In case things do go wrong, video footage is one of the best forms of evidence. 

Up to 11 Hours Battery Life

The RX5v2’s new flexible bracket mounting system allows the user to choose whether to have the cameras screen forward or rear facing. Supplied with two mounting options out of the box. Choose from the adjustable rugged spring loaded pocket clip or the industry leading Klickfast twist and lock mounting system. Unique adjustable camera head that can be rotated a full 180 degrees vertically between each side of the camera. Automatic Infra-red night vision for superior video clarity in low light or dark recording conditions. Start recording in seconds. Switch the camera on and start recording at a push of a button. Quick data download on a PC or Mac using the RX5v2’s simple drop in dock and charging system.

2900 mah battery

One-Button Video Recording

One press of a button is all it takes to start or stop recording footage with the RX-5 v2. It has been designed with functionality and durability in mind to withstand the test of time. The RX-5 v2 has a built-in high fidelity microphone and a forward-facing camera that has been proven to have a positive and calming effect when the user encounters a confrontational situation and even if a situation escalates, the user can focus on the event in front of them and count on the RX-5 v2 to record the situation at hand. The RX-5 v2 is protected by an IP65 rated casing, making the RX-5 v2 usable in all weather conditions.

Multiple Mounting Options

The RX-5 v2 is supplied with multiple mounting options as standard, including the industry standard locking KlickFast system by Peter Jones ILG. RX-5 v2 is supplied with the following; Spring-loaded pocket clip, Camera Stud & screws to fit garment mount. The RX-5 v2 is also compatible with the full range of KlickFast accessories including popular options of chest and shoulder harnesses also available from our store. RX-5 v2 features a mini display on top if for you to view its record status, disk condition and battery life.
(RX-5 software is not compatible with Mac OS)

Key Features

HD Recording

2k/1080p/720p high definition video recording with audio.

Rugged Casing

Toughened ABS IP65 rated resistant casing.

Built-in Microphone

High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone.

Built-In Night Vision

Automatic Infrared night vision for low light conditions.

Wide Angle Lens

140-degree wide angle lens.

Long Battery Life

RX-5 v2 delivers up to 10 hours of continuous video recording with a single charge.

Flexible Mounting

Industry standard Peter Jones Klick Fast ready out the box for easy mounting.

Password Protected

All recorded files will be protected with a password for maximum security.

Time & Date Stamp

All recorded files are watermarked with a time and date stamp.
Recording Quality 2.4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p
Still Image Capture Yes
Audio Recording Yes (Audio with video and Audio Only), MP3
Built-In Screen 2.4″ LCD
Lens 180 wide-angle lens
Casing IP65 Rated
Memory 32GB Built-in memory (Anti Tamper)
Recording Time 480P 9-10hrs, 720P 8-9hrs, 1080P 6-4hrs
Video Format Mov
Battery  2500mAh Li-ion
Charge Time 4-5 hours
Connectivity USB2.0 (Data Download & Charging)
Dimensions 100mm x 62mm x 23mm
Weight 156g
Other Features Night Visiton (5 meters), Infrared Switching, Mini USB Charging
  • Full HD: 1296p, 1080p, 720p 480p resolutions.
  • One-Touch Record: Simple push record button.
  • Rugged Casing: IP65 rated casing.
  • Flexible Mounting: Inter-changeable mounting options
  • Password protection: Password protected files.
  • Time & date stamp: Time & date stamped files.​​​​​​​
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Long battery life.
  • Wide Angle Lens: Ultra-wide point of view.


Rx-2s BWC


Rx-3 Lite BWC

RX-3 LITE v2

Rx-3 Pro BWC


Built-in Screen
GPS Logging
Password Protection
Klickfast Mounting
Spring Loaded Mount
Charging Dock
Multi-way Charging Dock
Data Management Dock
Night Vision
Led Illumination
Battery Life Up to 10 hours Up to 11 hours Up to 11 hours
Recording Time Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours
Memory 32gb 32gb 32gb


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