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Key Features

  • Up To 1080p Recording
  • IP65 Waterproof Rating
  • Built-In 32GB Flash Memory
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • 2.5in LCD Screen
  • One Button Recording
  • Password Protected Files
  • Built In Microphone
  • Auto Night Vision
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Snap Shots
  • Audio Record
  • Klickfast Ready
  • Flash Light
  • Laser Pointer
  • Easy Charging Dock

Recording Quality

1080P, 720P, 480P (H.264 MPEG4)


Still Image Capture

Yes JPEG (5,8,10,12,16,21 mega pixel)


Audio Recording

Yes (Audio with video and Audio Only)


Built-In Screen

Yes (2 inch diagonal)



Wide Angle 140 degrees


Night Vision

Yes (Automatic Infra-Red Night Vision)


LED Illuminator



Laser Alignment Tool




Toughened ABS Plastic Casing, Weatherproof IP65 Rated



32GB Built-in (Anti Tamper)


Loop Record

No (Files Protected)


File Split Time

Adjustable Between 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes


Recording Time

480P 13-14hrs


720P 8-9hrs


1080P 5-6hrs


Video Playback

Yes (Video and Audio)


Video Output

Yes (Mini HDMI)



3.7v 2900mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Battery Life

(Continuous Recording Infra-Red Switched Off)


480P 9-11hrs


720P 7-9hrs


1080P 4-6hrs


Power Saving Features

Adjustable Screen Standby, Adjustable Screen Brightness, Optional Auto Power Off, Adjustable Key Tone Volume


Charge Time

4-6 hours



Yes (Charging & Data Download)


Water Marks

Time & Date Stamp, Device ID (Recorded Video & Still Images)


Mount Options

KlickFast Dock Ready, Rotating Spring Loaded Clip, Long Fixed Pocket Clip


KlickFast Garment Mount Included




USB2.0 (Data Download & Charging)


Working Temperature

-10c - +60c @ max 95% humidity (non condensing)



94mm x 60mm x 31mm






CE, RoHs


Other Features

Vibration Feedback, Audio Feedback, Snap Shot Bursts, Audio Only Recording, Pre- Record, Post Record, Record Warning, Record Indicator, One Touch Record From Off, Important File Tagging, Custom Camera ID


Optional Accessories

Car Window Mount, Discreet External Camera, Locking USB Power Bank Cable & All KlickFast Accessories




Rx-2s BWC


Rx-3 Lite BWC


Rx-3 Pro BWC


Built-in Screen
GPS Logging
Password Protection
Klickfast Mounting
Spring Loaded Mount
Charging Dock
Multi-way Charging Dock
Data Management Dock
Night Vision
Led Illumination
Battery Life Up to 10 hours Up to 11 hours Up to 11 hours
Recording Time Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours Up to 14 hours
Memory 32gb 32gb 32gb


The latest generation in the RX range the RX-3 Pro body worn camera offers full HD 720p/1080p recording, 140-degree angle lens, 32GB built-in memory, built-in rechargeable battery, 8 hours record time, auto night vision, pre-record and much more. Body worn cameras are quickly becoming an essential tool in what is known in the industry as frontline work, such as the police, security agents and lone workers just to name a few. The advanced technology in RX-3 Pro compresses your video files while maintaining HD quality and saving storage space. Recorded files are signed with a digital fingerprint allowing you to keep track of your files. The RX-3 Pro can record and store 8 hours of HD video and audio or it can store over 15,000 digital photographs.   


The RX-3 Pro video camera can be used with several models of external dock and clips that can be attached to your body which allows adjusting Point of View (POV) while recording footage. The RX-3 body worn camera unit has HDMI and USB inputs and outputs, allowing the main unit to be charged with an external battery or for connecting the camera to a PC. The RX-3 Pro is designed to be tough and durable. With its IP65 rated casing, Auto night vision and Auto power on record features, rest assured the RX-3pro will always be your second pair of eyes while you're on the front line. Featuring simple navigation buttons and menus, easy dock charging system and software free media download system. You will be confident using Rx-3 Pro BWC right from the start as the camera has been designed with ease of use in mind. 


The RX-3 Pro has a high quality 140° wide angle camera lens that allows a wider line of view. HDMI port inputs on the unit allow you to attach a variety of clips, docks and secondary external cameras, allowing the user to choose the most comfortable configuration. Tiny hidden cameras can be attached to the RX-3 making it a versatile body-worn camera, offering covert video recording as well. Check out Body Worn Camera Accessories section for clips to be able to attach your camera to your shoulder, collar, cap, chest, helmet, and belt. The RX-3pro is fully Klickfast compatible, ready to be used with Klickfast's full range of accessories from chest and shoulder harnesses to garment studs belt clips are also available in our store.


The RX-3 Pro offer pre-recording feature to capture the event 30 seconds before you hit the record button, so you can focus on the event in front of you. The RX-3 also offers one-button photo and video recording, making it simpler to activate in emergency situations. Integrated LCD display allows you to instantly playback your recording on the scene to view, pause, rewind and forward the video footage. Screen capture button can be used to save a single frame in any second of the video as a picture. RX-3 Pro v2 is equipped with a high-quality Full HD lens for maximum HD video performance that can be used for identifying people. RX3 Pro can be fitted with the industrial standard Klickfast type mounting system. 


Independent studies have shown that use of body worn cameras can reduce incidents and risk by over 50%. In addition to this, employee and public behaviour improve along with a reduction in complaints and false accusations. Standard cameras are likely to have video footage quality issues such as fuzzy pictures, poor quality at night or no night vision recording at all. There can also be quality issues with stability. For example, when the user is running the camera may not be secure. Optional Charging Station & Evidence SYNC Management dock makes it easier to charge and manage data from multiple cameras. RX-3 Pro v2 features password protected video files.

Danny 14/04/2016

It was easy to set-up the camera. Footage is high quality and clear. Weight of the actual camera is manageable.

Tony Lynch 18/03/2016

We've got 3 of these for our security personnel. Video quality from the camera is really good.
Recommended without a doubt.

Bradley 18/03/2016

I purchased 3 weeks ago the RX-3 Pro and I must state great Bodycam. I have used it over three weekends as Head Doorman in a club. Thanks Rewire

Said 15/03/2016

Great Bodycam, much better than the Pinnacle PR5 CCTV Bodycam. The features and menu system are so extensive compared to other models and if you want seriously high HD resolution then the RX-3 PRO BODYWORN CAMERA is the one for you. I am a investigative journalist and am using this on several projects so quality is important in build as well as output.

I had an issue with the charging unit, yet did not realize straight away this was the direct issue. I communicated my concerns to Rewire Security and the after care is 'above and beyond the call of duty'. The issue was resolved in the end, great after care service, something of which to take into consideration when buying on the internet.

I only wish the 'Rating' score button had a 'Most Excellent' button to press. Many thanks guys.

Anton peatfield 09/03/2016

Smashing device, works great, infrared mode is spot on and quality of videos are amazing, would love for it to have a remote like the RX-2s as would make it even easier to use but still with a two second hold of the power or video camera button then it's recording with in a second. Easy to use and install and easy to view files on the device's screen, definitely recommend to anyone wanting a personal body camera. Worth every penny

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