Where to Hide a Gps Tracker on a Car

Best Places to Hide a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers have become quite popular to track vehicles and high-risk drivers, prevent theft, or monitor your kids’ movements. It is also crucial in assisting fleet businesses with routing, controlling maintenance expenses, and monitoring drivers’ performance. However, many people wonder whether tracking someone is legal? Many drivers feel concerned and uncomfortable when they know they are being monitored.

Further, teenagers might feel that parents are trying to curb their freedom. If they know that their parents are tracking them, they can break the device, and disputes might occur. The best way to avoid all of this is to hide the GPS tracker on the car. You can place the tracker either inside or outside the vehicle.

Places to Hide Gps Tracker in Car

But to hide the tracker, make sure you buy one that is small and of a color that can easily blend with the car. Also, consider other features such as motion sensitivity, long battery life, etc. We recommend buying battery-powered GPS tracking systems with magnets that quickly and firmly get attached to flat metal surfaces.

Let’s check out some of the best places to hide GPS trackers.

Hide Gps Tracker

Under the Steering Wheel

You can place the trackers inside the dashboard, usually below the steering wheel. If you use your car regularly, then this is the best place to hide, as many people don’t know about this space. To hide it under the steering wheel, you have to make sure that the GPS tracker is small and hardwired.

Secret Gps Tracker

In the Front or Rear Bumper

One more ideal place to hide a GPS tracker is in the front or rear bumper. It is pretty unusual for people to guess that a tracker is hidden inside the bumpers. However, if you wish to hide it inside the bumpers, we recommend not removing the bumpers as you might tamper them and leave scratches behind. You can use velcro to fit the tracker firmly.

On the Undercarriage

Placing the tracker on the undercarriage is the best place to hide if you’ve purchased a magnetic GPS tracker. It easily gets attached to the undercarriage or nearby areas, which are metallic. However, make sure to safeguard the tracker against water, dirt, or extreme conditions with a protective case. Also, don’t forget to attach it near the edge of the car for the tracker to receive the satellite signal.

Hide Gps Tracker

Connect to the OBD-II Port

Though undercarriage is an option, if you feel the GPS tracker should be placed in a stable setting to avoid any problems from the external environment, you can buy a tracker that connects to the OBD-II port. The OBD-II port is the best place to hide a GPS tracker as thieves and kids don’t know much about this port, and it is not easily visible. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of a tracker because when it is connected to the OBD-II port, it takes power from the car itself. The cherry on the cake is that OBD-II port tracking devices are very cost-effective.

Stuff it Inside the Car Seat Cushion

This is the easiest place to hide the tracker-just snuck it inside the car seat cushion. However, doing this can block the signal transmission. Just make sure to place it at the corner of the seat so that the tracker can emit the signal effectively. Plus, it is difficult for anyone to notice it as a car seat cushion is the last thing people will observe in the car.

In the Brake Lights

Placing the tracker in the brake lights is a labor-intensive task, and people put it there with the sole objective of protecting the car against theft. This is a very cagey place to hide a tracker as nobody will ever come to know a device is present in the brake lights. Of course, you need a mechanic to help you remove brake lights, fit the tracker inside and enjoy its benefits. But, when the car suffers brake-related issues, chances are high the device will be discovered.

Summing Up

You can also think of unusual places like placing it behind the glove compartment, plastic first-aid kits, or even in the tissue box. Just make sure you timely refill the tissues. Also, your mobile phone and tracking device should have considerable distance between each other as the GPS signals of the two devices could crash and corrupt the data. Hiding the tracker is the best way to avoid disputes among employees and family and get all the information you need.

Best Places to Hide a GPS Tracker
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Best Places to Hide a GPS Tracker
Best places inside the vehicle where you can safely hide GPS trackers. Keep an eye on your car's location with a good hidden gps tracker.
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