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Improving Safety of Motorhome and Caravans with GPS Trackers

After the pandemic, more and more people are hitting the road for holidays, leading to the growing popularity of caravan tourism. Motorhomes, also known as recreational vehicles and campervans, give you the utmost flexibility to travel on the road. You can customise these vehicles and enjoy being in a home on wheels.

Of course, roaming around in a motorhome is an exciting way to relax and spend time with your family. Nonetheless, just like any other vehicle, motorhomes, too, are susceptible to different risks and threats, including theft.

Rising thefts are a growing concern for vehicle owners. Motorhomes are expensive, and their luxurious appeal can make them a desirable target for thieves. Even if you’re away from your coach, you’ve to ensure it is safe within the premises.

The UK witnessed around a 29% year-on-year increase in motorhome theft in 2021. Moreover, these thefts took place more in autumn and winter. Criminals are taking advantage of stealing motorhomes and gaining more money to serve the flourishing market.

Even if you use car alarms, wheel clamps, and hitch looks, experienced thieves can get rid of them in seconds. Within minutes, someone else is driving your motorhome. If you want complete assurance of your motorhome, you need a tracking system to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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Security of the vehicles is the most crucial concern for rental companies that provide motorhomes for rent. They’re under constant pressure to keep their vehicles safe, which is not easy as it sounds. Customers will not prefer renting a motorhome from a company with a poor reputation and criminal history. Thieves can steal not only the motorhome but also the assets inside the motorhome.

Using GPS technology, you can detect the real-time location of your motorhome. GPS trackers give you utmost precision and alert you if anything abnormal occurs. Rental companies that provide motorhomes for rent can effectively use GPS trackers and ensure all vehicles are safe in their parking lot.

With real-time location details, you know where your motorhome is and keep an eye on it through your smartphone. Using orbiting satellites to triangulate the specific location of a vehicle, GPS trackers can help you track a motorhome anywhere in the world.

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Geofence Alerts
If you want to prevent any evil eyes on your motorhomes, geofence alerts are the best way to keep criminals at bay. Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS or RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology. Basically, you can put a fence around a location on a map. For example, if you’ve got a personal motorhome, your most preferred geofence would be around your house. If you’re into the rental business, you will put a fence around the parking lot.

Nobody can see or feel geofencing, as it is virtual and completely invisible. So, if someone tries to steal a motorhome and goes beyond the geofence area, the tracker will instantly notify you. You can take immediate steps and increase the response time to recover your stolen motorhome. Or, you can give location details to the police authorities to track the vehicle and get it home safely.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of geofences you can set. If you’re going to a supermarket in your motorhome, you can set a geofence around the supermarket. You can take your own sweet time and peacefully shop, knowing your motorhome is safe out there.

Unauthorised Alerts
Apart from your family and close ones, you don’t want anyone to use your most valuable motorhome. When thieves try to steal your vehicle, they’ll turn on the ignition and drive away. But how can you know when and who is using your vehicle? GPS trackers can give alerts when the ignition is turned on or off.

For example, it is pretty unusual for anyone to turn on the ignition during midnight unless you know your kids are taking the motorhome to enjoy Friday night with their friends. GPS trackers can avoid such strange activities and notify you when someone turns on the ignition. This way, you can effectively monitor your vehicle and know its whereabouts every minute.

Some GPS trackers even let you remotely disable the starter when your vehicle is being used without your authorisation. Indeed, you cannot use this feature when the motorhome is on the road, but you can disable the starter once it is parked, preventing the thieves from operating the vehicle. Then using real-time location details, recover your vehicle from any corner of the world and bring it back to your house.

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Driving Behaviour
This feature is highly beneficial to rental companies. GPS trackers monitor driving behaviour and send reports to necessary authorities. When you’re giving vehicles for rent, you definitely want them back in good condition. Damaged vehicles are of no use and value in the future.

GPS trackers tell you how a particular customer is driving the vehicle. You can know if someone is driving aggressively, taking sharp turns, or excessively speeding. You can instantly call and ask them to operate vehicles responsibly.

But when customers know they’re being tracked, they properly drive vehicles. It ensures less wear and tear on vehicles and saves fuel. Rental companies can improve the longevity of their vehicles, save unnecessary repair costs, and boost profits. Furthermore, motorhome GPS trackers can help track vehicles when customers steal the vehicle and not return it back by the rental deadline.

Wrapping Up
These GPS trackers operate on their own battery source, typically lasting for 4-10 dауѕ. You can avoid purchasing car alarms and wheel locks to protect your expensive and luxurious motorhome against theft, as GPS trackers offer an unparalleled layer of security.

And if you’re providing motorhomes for rent, you can be rest assured that your vehicles are safe 24/7, irrespective of their location. You can improve customer satisfaction and bottom line, and positively grow rental operations. With a robust GPS tracker in place, you ensure the safety of your vehicles as well as promote your brand name.

Improving Safety of Motorhome and Caravans with GPS Trackers
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Improving Safety of Motorhome and Caravans with GPS Trackers
GPS tracking systems from Rewire Security improve the safety of motorhome and caravans by providing their real-time location to owners.
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