GPS Tracker Placement

Properly Installing GPS Devices

Where you install a GPS tracking device on your vehicle can have a dramatic effect on how useful they will be and how accurate the location they provide.

GPS Tracking devices report most accurately when their antennae have a clear view of the sky. Check your manual for the location of the antenna on your specific GPS device.

If you hide a GPS tracking device, the accuracy of the location it provides will not be if it were sitting out under your front window.

But we have some tips for you to help improve your results:

  • Do not put your GPS tracking device anywhere surrounded by metal, like the car’s trunk.
  • Do not install the GPS tracker on top of other electronic devices, like directional devices; there should be a few inches between electronic devices.
  • Most battery-powered GPS tracking devices have weatherproof magnetic cases available. These cases allow a tracking device to be placed under a vehicle on any metal surface.

When placed under a car:

  • Make sure the antenna is facing down, to the ground. This will allow the GPS device to pick up signals reflected off of the earth.
  • Place the device near to the edge of the vehicle. If it is located in the centre of the car, it may not get a signal.

The best placement for a GPS tracker can vary by vehicle. Due to differences in automobile manufacturers, GPS tracking devices may report perfectly on one vehicle, but not report at all from the same location on a different vehicle. There is an element of trial and error that will need to be performed by each customer, on different vehicles. It is simply not possible to test individual trackers on all vehicle models.

It can sometimes be more difficult to place a tracker on a new vehicle than it would be on an older model car. For example, vehicles with tire pressure sensors can cause problems for GPS devices. The sensors located in the wheel well transmit UHF radio signals to the car’s onboard computer that can interfere with a tracker. Usually, ensuring that the tracker is moved a few feet from one of these sensors can mitigate any negative interference.

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