Are your drivers behaving optimally? We have 5 tips for good driver behaviour.

Everyone can be a car driver these days, It's an easy to achieve process to get a driving license. But getting a driver's license is not enough. You have to have a responsible driver behaviour to make the streets safer for you and everyone around you. Here is a list of the types of behaviour that will make you a good citizen.


1) Follow Speed Limit All The Time

By slowing down to the limit and avoiding unnecessary speeding, you are not only being a safer and more responsible driver, but you can also save a lot more fuel than you may think. Just by driving at 70 mph rather than 85 mph you can save up to 25% fuel. Keep this in mind; It won't matter how fast you go if you don't reach your destination.


2) Decrease Engine Idling

Avoid leaving the engine running to heat up the car or to keep the engine running when making a pit stop, and instead drive away immediately when starting from cold. By idling to heat the engine, you waste fuel and can cause rapid engine damage. Idling for a few minutes every day will result in an engine replacement sooner than you think.


3) Anticipate What's Ahead

By looking ahead and anticipating traffic and road conditions, it's possible to drive smoother and avoid sudden acceleration and braking, which in turn can reduce your fuel consumption, and the wear&tear on your vehicle, and it also helps prevent accidents. You can login on GPSLive and check out your route before getting behind the wheel.

4) Use Your Vehicle's Technologies Cleverly

Where possible use cruise control to maintain a steady speed level, instead of using the accelerator pedal all the way. It can not only improve your comfort while driving, it can also improve your fuel consumption as well. Read your vehicle's manual in detail and you'll find out many useful features.

5) Avoid Sudden Breaking

By avoiding sudden breaking you can reduce the wear&tear on your vehicle, as well as potential accidents. Every year there are thousands of accidents caused by sudden braking. A good driver knows to watch out the driver behind them.

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