Cost of GPS Tracking

The True Cost of Vehicle Tracking

Costs of GPS tracking systems; the tracking device, accessories, software and app subscription, national or global coverage options.

Vehicle Tracking – What are the costs in the UK?

The Global Positioning System – or GPS as we know it – has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Although it has been around since the early 90s, its evolution continues to this day, with exciting new features to improve complex business operations. From popular smartphone apps to autonomous vehicles, countless businesses across a multitude of industries have benefitted from this ground-breaking technology.

One of the main innovations made possible by the development of GPS is accurate and real-time location tracking. With vehicle theft on the rise all over the UK – a vehicle was stolen every 5 minutes in 2018 – vehicle tracking devices have emerged as effective security systems for both personal and company vehicles. As well as real-time tracking, these devices offer other prominent features like geofence zones and remote immobilisation to alert owners to unauthorised or unsafe movements and stop an attempted theft in its tracks. And vehicle trackers offer more benefits than just protecting against theft and tampering – you will also gain access to valuable information regarding the health of your vehicle and previous routes.

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However, the upfront costs and additional expenses when using this technology are not always clear. This article aims to break down the costs of installing and maintaining a vehicle tracking system to help those looking to invest in the safety of their vehicles for either business or personal reasons.

Is it worth installing a vehicle tracking device?

Home Office figures show that the number of vehicles stolen in the UK has increased drastically over the last five years – from 75,308 in 2013–14 to 111,999 in 2017–18. What’s more, 50% of stolen vehicles are never seen again, so fitting your vehicle with a hidden tracking device may be the only way to recover it. Vehicle tracking devices are the only security systems on the market that grant vehicle owners the ability to recover a stolen vehicle. Along with other useful tools like remote immobilisation, even if an adept criminal manages to get past the safeguards and get away with your vehicle, there are several ways a vehicle tracker can be utilised to stop the thief in their tracks.

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Companies with a vehicle fleet have much more to consider when integrating their infrastructure with a GPS tracking system. While individuals may only need a vehicle tracker and a monthly subscription, large enterprises have more complex requirements to oversee large field operations. GPS tracking devices designed for fleet vehicles can be further customised compared to personal vehicle trackers and these additional customisations can greatly affect the price of a tracking system. Fleet managers have to determine the specifications on the GPS tracking device that want to install to their vehicles such as engine error codes, fuel reports, driver identification, driver behaviour tracking and much more. Some of these features can only be accessed through a sensor or a software upgrade which needs to be stated beforehand so the engineers can upgrade the tracking units as well as the tracking software. Naturally, fleet management systems are expected to be more costly compared to vehicle tracking systems suitable for personal use but fleet tracking systems increase the productivity of a company significantly and reduce operational costs. In the long run, fleet tracking systems basically pay for themselves and help companies generate larger profit margins.

Considering the high rate of vehicle theft and low chance of recovery without a tracker, a tracking device can be a worthwhile investment. There are vast expenses to consider when your vehicle is stolen. As well as the cost of insurance excess, you may find that your premiums surge, and if your insurance doesn’t cover a courtesy car, you will have to shell out for a replacement car or taxi fares until you get a new vehicle. Add to this the stress of the whole situation, and it’s apparent that the costs can far outweigh the price of a vehicle tracking device.

Can I afford a tracking system?

The price of a GPS tracking device can vary greatly depending on your needs. While the cheapest devices start from as little as £30, the most expensive could cost you north of £700. Dedicated tracking systems enable vehicles to be located almost instantly anywhere in the world, with movements monitored and important events reported via smartphone notifications, SMS and email. By doing thorough research about additional accessories such as sensors, magnetic cases and extension cables, vehicles owners can decide what they want from a vehicle tracking system and purchase an affordable vehicle tracking solution that can boost the security of their vehicle.

Cost of GPS Tracking

At Rewire Security, we aim to offer the most advanced vehicle tracking devices at the most affordable prices. We provide our customers with the best vehicle tracking devices in the UK for a fraction of the price of what our rival companies charge – you may have to pay an additional £200–300 for a vehicle tracking device with similar features from another brand.

What are the additional costs?

There are several additional costs associated with the use of vehicle tracking devices. As well as the up-front price of the device, you may have to pay extra for installation, subscription payments and any add-ons or accessories. However, whether it is installation fees, accessories or monthly subscription payments, there are no surprise costs at Rewire Security. You pay only for the services you request, without any hidden or extra costs.

-Installation fees

To ensure your vehicle tracking device will function as intended, it is still essential for it to be fitted properly. While most vehicle tracking devices from Rewire Security don’t require any technical expertise or knowledge to install them, it is always best to leave the job to a professional if you aren’t sure what you’re doing – a vehicle technician will oversee the fitting process for a small fee.

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-Subscription fees

Most tracking devices operate on a subscription basis to keep them active and transmitting data. Users typically pay a monthly fee to access the tracking software and compatible smartphone app. Subscription prices vary from company to company, but the costs need to be taken into account when deciding on a budget.

-Add-Ons and Accessories

From magnetic cases to additional vehicle sensors and remote immobilisation, there are many optional features that can be added to a vehicle tracking device to provide additional security measures and monitoring options. Before deciding on a vehicle tracking device for personal use or vehicle tracking system if you operate a fleet of vehicles, it is important to do extensive research about the add-ons you will need and how much they cost. Let’s take a look at some of the additional tools offered by GPS tracking devices, and how they justify their costs with sophisticated technology.

What are the additional benefits?

To fully appreciate the real value of a vehicle tracking device, the additional benefits should be considered.


Remote immobilisation is a great feature for those worried about theft or misuse of their vehicles. It allows the power of the engine to be cut remotely, which will stop any misuse or half-hearted attempts to steal your vehicle and slow any determined criminals down. (For safety reasons, the vehicle will only immobilise once it has come to a complete stop.) Displaying that your vehicle has remote immobilisation also reduces the chances of it being targeted for theft.


Vehicle tracking devices are designed to detect and transmit the slightest changes in the condition of your vehicle. While there are multiple built-in sensors onboard vehicle trackers, car owners can also augment their tracking system with additional sensors such as ignition, shock or movement sensors. Any changes in the ignition or the slightest movement of the vehicle will immediately trigger an alert to car owners. While additional sensors typically increase the cost of the tracking device, the enhanced security and utility they provide can give car owners peace of mind.

-Geofence Zones

Geofence zones – virtual fences around certain locations – can be configured to notify the owner if the specified zone is breached. If the movement is suspicious, or in the event of attempted theft, the owner can then immediately alert local law enforcement. Active geofence zones can facilitate the quick recovery of a stolen vehicle. A predetermined geofence zone has a wide range of uses for businesses. Fleet managers can configure GPS tracking devices on board their vehicles to broadcast an alert for arrival and departure times at job sites. These entry/exit alerts can be used to calculate the efficiency of work hours, overtime compensations and average time spent at a job order. It is invaluable for a field manager to have this information at hand which can also be identified to determine employees neglecting their duty.

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-Driver Supervision

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for their teenage child to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, parents are right to be concerned. The leading cause of deaths among teenagers is motor vehicle fatality. Having your child’s vehicle fitted with a vehicle tracking device to keep an eye on their driving habits or prevent them from driving at night can drastically lower the chances of them being involved in an accident. From travel speed to a precise location, parents gain access to vital information to help protect their children. Worried parents can also utilise geofence alerts to monitor their children’s movements or prevent them from wandering to dangerous parts of town. Creating safe and unsafe geofence zones around your neighbourhood can help to keep teenage drivers in check by warning parents if they wander too far or into a dangerous area.

Driver supervision is an excellent tool for companies to identify unruly drivers and reduce certain costs that are directly related to the behaviour of an employee when they are behind the wheel. Overspeeding can increase the fuel consumption of a vehicle by as much as 40% while an idling heavy-duty truck can consume 2 litres of fuel per hour. Not only can these type of unwanted driving habits drive up the fuel bills, but they also accelerate the wear and tear on the vehicles and increase the maintenance costs considerably as well. Monitoring the drivers around the clock gives managers the chance to get ahead of these issues and put a stop to fuel waste and unnecessary additional maintenance costs.


GPS tracking devices are a superior option to all other alternatives on the market when it comes to combating vehicle theft. In considering whether to invest in a vehicle tracking device, car owners need to consider that the true cost of vehicle theft – including the additional charges and hardships that follow – can far outweigh the cost of a tracking device. Luckily, Rewire Security offers affordable and reliable solutions to enhance the security of your vehicle and alleviate your fears. Vehicle tracking devices are the cheapest way to protect a personal vehicle from experienced thieves and stay informed about the condition of your car.

The true cost of Vehicle GPS Tracking for Car Owners
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The true cost of Vehicle GPS Tracking for Car Owners
Costs of GPS tracking systems; the tracking device, accessories, software and app subscription, national or global coverage options.
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