Hero ME32-04 DVR Player Recorder

Hero ME32-04 4ch AHD DVR

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Hero ME32-04 - 4 Channel DVR

State of the art professional grade 4ch vehicle MDVR from Howen. Support for up to 4 cameras in resolutions as high as 720P AHD with audio. Full featured with SSD or hard disk storage drive support, WiFi viewing, GPS logging and multiple input/output triggers. Ideal for larger vehicles with blind spots and situations where longer recording times are required.  Suitable for use in all types of vehicles due to its wide working voltage and rugged, secure design. Also featuring built-in GPS logging and time & date stamp that can prove vital in proving the location time and date of an incident or event. Recorded footage can be played back on the MDVR using the supplied IR remote control or a USB mouse. The MDVR will record on a loop, so once the storage is full it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage first.

t8 8ch vehicle dvr

t8 vehicle cctv 8ch

Internal Secure Storage

The Howen Hero ME32-04 supports Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives up to 2TB in capacity. Record for over 125 driving hours in HD quality using just one 1TB drive. Longer recording times can be achieved by installing larger drives up to 2TB in capacity or by adjusting recording rates. Recorded footage can be backed up to a USB drive or downloaded via the recording drive to a computer directly for playback or archiving. Two USB 2.0 ports for connecting memory sticks for data backup or a mouse to control the DVR. Supplied with a full function IR remote.

T8 8ch SD/HDD CCTV DVR with GPS logging

High-Resolution Cameras

The Howen Hero ME32-04 is compatible with the latest high resolution AHD cameras as well as standard analogue cameras with either locking 4 pin aviation connectors or phono RCA plugs* (optional adaptor required). An external screen can also be connect to view a live feed of the MDVRs connected cameras. Support for external screens/displays with either 4 pin aviation connectors or phono RCA plugs. The Howen Hero ME32-04 is rugged and has been designed with data security in mind. The unit combines a patented shock and vibration proof casing and a key operated hard disk drive enclosure. In addition to this all the MDVRs menus are password protected and all recorded media is encrypted to protect against unauthorised access. The Hero ME32-04 ticks all the boxes where data protection is required.

High Resolution CCTV Camera

HD CCTV Camera Specs

AHD CCTV Resolution

The ME32-04 is packed full of customisable features. Set the record quality, quality, frame rate, image orientation and view. Set the MDVR to record on ignition, time or movement. Trigger inputs and output to select cameras, trigger sounders in different scenarios. Prove where, when and how it happened. The vehicles location is logged in real-time as it records along with the vehicles driving behaviour via its in-built G-sensor.

HD CCTV Camera Specs

Key Features

Camera Options

ME32-04 supports up to 4 cameras and it is compatible with all standard and AHD CCTV cameras.

HDD & SD Card Storage

ME32-04 supports either 2.5inch SATA HD’s up to 2TB or an SDHC card up to 128GB in capacity.

Live Play Back

All recorded footage can be played back on the DVR and searched for via either time, date or event.

Selectable Modes

Three customizable record modes can be set to each individual camera connected to the DVR.

Built-In USB

USB 2.0 port for connecting memory sticks for data backup or a mouse to control the DVR.

Anti-Tamper Protection

Security cover with key lock protection to prevent unauthorized access and to protect the DVRs memory cards and USB ports.

Time & Date Stamp

Each channel is watermarked with the time and date the footage was recorded.

GPS Logging

The ME32-04 uses its GPS receiver to log the DVR’s speed and location in realtime as it records.

Input Sensors

The ME32-04 has 4 sensor inputs and can be programmed to take any 4 electrical input feeds from around the vehicle.

Compatible Cameras

  • Support for up to 4 720P AHD or standard cameras with audio.
  • Support for up to hard drives up to 2TB in capacity.
  • Custom record quality, frame rate and resolution on each channel.
  • Customisable view and camera setup.
  • GPS location logging.
  • Local Wifi viewing.
  • Built in G-senor for driving behaviour logging.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Record by ignition, time or movement.
  • USB data backup.
  • Rugged patented anti-vibration design.
  • Auto loop record.
  • Time & date stamp.
  • Password protection.
  • Support for external screens with aviation or phono inputs.
  • Wide operating power range 8-36v DC with low voltage protection.
  • Infra-Red remote control.
Channels 4 Channels supporting 4 cameras
Video Input Support 4ch CIF/HD1/D1/960H/ 720P

AHD camera record and playback simultaneously

Video Output support 4ch CIF/HD1/D1/960H/ 720P

AHD camera record and playback simultaneously

Video Display ISO14496-10
Video Standard PAL/NTSC , ISO14496-10
Image Compression H.264 Main profile , PAL: 100fps 720P, NTSC:120fps 720P
Audio Input 4ch RCA
Audio Output 1ch RCA ( front 30PIN connector)
Record Mode Audio and video are recording simultaneously
Image Format CIF/HD1/D1/960H/720P optional
Video Bitrates
HD1/D1: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps
960H: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps
720P: 4096Kbps ~ 400Kbps
Audio Bitrates 40Kbps
Main Storage Support 1x 2.5 inch HDD or SSD; Max. 2TB
Backup Storage Support 1x SD card, max. 256GB
Alarm Input 8 alarm inputs, can be set up low-level alarm

less than 1V/ high-level alarm up to 5V

Communication Interface Support 1*RS485 port

Support 1*RS232 port


1x USB2.0. Front panel USB

Wifi Support built-in WIFI communication module

(2.4/5.8GHz optional

GPS Logging Support built-in GPS module, can write into encode stream with

Geographical coordinates speed, etc.

G-sensor Built-in accelerometer G-Sensor
Software Playback video file in the PC port,

and analyze the vehicle information in the file simultaneously

Power Input 8V ~ 36V, before use to ensure car battery supply voltage;
* long-term over 36V, the machine will burn.
Power Output 12V (+/- 0.2V), the maximum electric current: 2A
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Dimensions L155MM X W165MM X H55MM
  • 1xME32-04 DVR/GPS/WIFI
  • 1xHard drive caddy
  • 1xRemote control
  • 1xSecurity key
  • 1xFused power harness
  • 1×4-pin aviation to phono and power adaptor for TV-out.
  • 1xGPS Antenna
  • 1xWifi Antenna
  • 1x USB Download Cable


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